Venera Kyvern (née Minett) is a pureblooded witch. She is the wife of Vulcan Kyvern.


Early Life

Venera has a brother.

School Years

Venera went to Hogwarts where she met and fell in love with Ares Kyvern.

After Hogwarts

Venera graduated Hogwarts, and found out she was betrothed to Vulcan Kyvern. Although she had her reservations and strong feelings for her betrothed's younger brother, Venera ended things with Ares and went ahead with the wedding. Unfortunately, at her wedding, Venera drank a fair amount of champagne and ended up re-igniting her former flame with Ares.

Despite attempting to quell her lust for Ares, the torrid affair continued for years with a declining amount of discretion, eventually resulting in the births of four daughters with Ares: Echo, Eris, Charity and Dawn.

Personality and Traits

Venera is vain and shallow. She cares a significant amount for the physical appearances of herself and those around her.

Magical Abilities and Skills

Venera can do things.

  • Love Potions: Venera is especially talented in the brewing of love potions.



Echo, Eris, Charity & Dawn

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Vulcan is Venera's husband. He and Venera have a strained relationship due to Venera's extramarital affair with Vulcan's younger brother Ares. Vulcan is aware that


Ares is Venera's lover. He is the younger brother of Venera's husband, Vulcan, and the father of all four of Venera's daughters.


Venera is a norse variant of 'Aphrodite'. Cerys means things. Kyvern is a variant of the greek word 'kyvernitis' meaning ruler.


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